Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's May Again - that means it's Lyme Disease Awareness Month.....

......and once again, I feel the need to share with you some information about Lyme Disease.  You need to be aware of how to protect yourself from ticks (with bug spray containing at least 25% DEET.)  as well as the early symptoms of Lyme Disease. The black legged tick (also known as the deer tick,)  the one that causes Lyme Disease,  is the size of a poppy seed or the period at the end of this sentence. The black legged tick is in every state.  Don't let any doctor tell you otherwise.  It is just that some states are more "up" on things than others.

Here is a crazy long article for your reading pleasure, or perhaps reading horror - as it may scare you.  It is full of information about this crazy creature, the black legged tick, and why it is reeking havoc on the human race.


With incisor-like claws that can tunnel beneath your 
skin in seconds, ticks are rapidly becoming the world’s 
scariest purveyors of deadly pathogens. Carl Zimmer 
walks into the woods to find out why these tiny beasts 
are skyrocketing in number – and outsmarting 
scientists with every bite.

and here is an awesome video produced by Dr. Needham, of the Ohio State University. It was made by the Ohio Division of Natural Resources.  The introductory information on ticks and how Lyme disease spirochetes get from white-footed mice to you is very well explained.

The young outdoorsman. Josh, who tells of his experience with Lyme disease, is very articulate, appealing and clear. Every doctor and outdoors loving person should see this video.

and for lots more information about the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease, how to properly remove a tick, and how to protect yourself and your yard, refer to my May 2012 post

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