Monday, June 18, 2012

Mason Jar Citronella Lanterns

I saw these cute mason jar hangers on Etsy and then these homemade citronella mason jars Pinterest and decided to combine the two ideas and make my own hanging Mason Jar Citronella Lanterns.  Follow my DIY directions and make some for yourself.  They are adorably fun and will look oh so cute while keeping mosquitoes away!
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 First, gather your supplies.  It doesn't take much especially if you 
already have some jars & lids laying around.
You can use any size jar with lid.

Each hanging jar will need at least 1 foot of chain.  I chose the smallest size chain I could find  at Home Depot.  I bought  10 feet of chain and was able to make 10 hanging jars.  The chain is really inexpensive., something  like 64 cents a foot.

You will need 2 - S hooks for each jar.  3/4 "  works best for this project.

A 12 inch piece of an old 100% cotton t-shirt.
You want a piece that is  about 1 1/2  inches wide because it curls when you rip it.

Tools: hammer, hole punch (I use my Crop-A-Dile which is an awesome hole puncher, eyelet & snap setter all in one.),  pliers, and something to punch a hole through the top of the lid.

To begin -  punch 2 holes in the lid, as close to the lower edge as possible.
 Line the holes up so they are directly across from each other.

Measure and cut a 12 inch length of chain. You may want it longer, depending on where
you are going to hang your lantern.

Once your chain is cut you need to attach the chain to the lid using the S hooks.

Loop one end of the S hook through the chain. Close the S using your pliers

Next, attach the other end of the S hook to the lid

Again, close the S with the pliers

To make a hole in the lid, set the lid on the jar and use a sharp object to punch a hole in the top.
 I used an old ice pick, but a nail will work fine.

Make sure the hole is big enough to thread the t-shirt through.

You want the piece of t-shirt to fit snugly and not fall out.  The t-shirt will serve as your wick

Now you can fill your jar with Citronella oil.  If you don't have a bug problem,  
you can  also use olive oil from your pantry to give a nice flame.

Here is my lantern hanging on a hook on my back porch.
 Love it! 

NOTE: Be sure to use Citronella Oil not Tiki Torch Fuel.


  1. So cute and easy to make! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  2. I will definitely try this! Love the idea!

  3. Thanks for the in-depth tutorial! I'm going to modify this a bit to make hanging lanterns/vases.

  4. Why is it that you shouldn't use tiki torch fuel?

  5. When I used the tiki torch fuel it leaked out through the top and burned on top of the lid. Although a friend whom I gave some lanterns to said the tiki torch fuel eventually burned off and they were fine. So you can give tiki torch fuel a try and see what happens. I guess I had better results with the Citronella Oil.

  6. Can you add liquid candle dye to the oil to make it a prettier color?

  7. I love this idea. Gonna try it. Thx!!!

  8. How do you get the lid back on?

    1. The lid just screws on like normal. Make sure you punched your holes and attached the S hooks on the bottom edge of the lid ring.

  9. This is great for my porch I didnt do the chains to mine but they work great just sitting on my porch

  10. The hook doesn't get in the way of the lid screwing back on properly?