Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden Words

To Plant a Garden is to believe in tomorrow.....

This was a fun little project to add words of inspiration to my garden. It was easy peasy and just a little messy - but so worth it!

You can find the kit to make your own garden words online. Search for "The Make Your Own Marker Stone Kit" or "Magnetic Poetry Make Your Own Word Stones."  Amazon had plenty of options.

Supplies needed: quick set concrete, cement colorant, wheel barrel, trowel for mixing, drop cloth such as heavy plastic to work on, water, gloves, molds and letter kit.

Step by step instructions:
1) Decide what you'd like your markers to say before you mix your concrete..  Names, house numbers, or simple positive thoughts, such as "joy, blessings, welcome, love" make excellent choices. Once the concrete is mixed you will want to get right to work.  You have plenty of time, but with it being quick set concrete you want to keep things moving at a good pace.

2) Mix the concrete according to the package directions. Only add a little bit of water at a time, thoroughly mixing it in before adding more. You don't want your mix to be too wet. To make a few stones at a time, mix the concrete in small batches.  I mixed the concrete with my hand, but you may want to use a trowel.
  Add colorant to desired color. Kneed the colorant into the concrete until it is uniform throughout.

3) Fill your molds.  Be sure to press the concrete into the corners and smooth the surface.

4) Position your letters by laying them gently on top of the concrete.  Do not press them in until you have them spaced where you want them. 

5) Press the letters into the moist concrete. You may need to wiggle them a little bit to get a nice deep letter. Remove them immediately. If the letters do not hold their shape when you remove them, your concrete is too wet and you should remix the batch of concrete, but again move quickly so the concrete does not start to set.

 5) You can add embellishment such as small stones, gems or even cut shapes into the concrete using cookie cutters (such as this star).  Gently remove the mold and allow to dry, or cure, for 24 hours.

Bundle garden words up with raffia and wrap them in burlap for a nice garden gift.  Your friends will love them!


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