Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grandma's Shortcake

This is one of my favorite summer recipes when fresh fruit is available.  This isn't your everyday store bought shortcake.  This is Grandma's homemade of those recipes that has been passed down from generation to generation.  When I asked my mother-in-law for the recipe she had to kinda calculate ingredient measurements for me because it is one of those recipes that she would just throw together. 

You will love this shortcake - it is even good without berries!

Grandma's Shortcake
2 c. flour
2 tsp baking powder
2/3 c. sugar
2/3 stick softened butter or margarine 
(note: 2/3 stick, not cup)
2/3 c. milk

Mix all ingredients together. Spread in greased pie plate. Bake 350 for 1/2 hr or until golden brown and toothpick comes out clean.

Yummy!  We love this shortbread fresh out of the oven with fresh berries and vanilla bean ice cream - summer doesn't get any better than that!

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