Friday, September 21, 2012

Field Tile Pumpkin

  In this little project I use an old piece of clay field tile I found in the barn and create a fun and festive fall decoration for the home.

Tile drainage is the agriculture practice of removing excess water from soil subsurface. Back in the day farmers used clay tile such as these. Clay field tile is no longer used by most farmers, instead today's plastic tile serves to reduce the cost, as well as labor involved in tiling a field.  

But lucky me we still have piles of the clay tile in the barn "just in case" 
one of the old clay tiles in the field breaks.  

These clay field tile are the perfect shade of orange for a pumpkin.  

So I cleaned a few up and painted pumpkin faces on them.

Next, I hot glued a piece of felt to the bottom to keep the clay 
from scratching the surface where the tile is placed.

To get the look I wanted, I stained over the entire tile with a 
walnut colored stain.
Finally I sprayed the tile with a clear satin sealer.  

There you have it - a fun pumpkin tile perfect for decorating your country home.  I added some Sweet Annie sticking out the top, but I also think bare branches would look adorable popping out the top or you can just keep it plain and simple.

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