Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bag of Blocks

Last week I had the best time going to garage sales with a friend.   One of the many treasures I found was a bag of old blocks.  
Remember playing with these when you were a kid? 

*  making roads and houses
*stacking them as high as you could before they all came tumbling down 
*clapping them together to make noise and marching around the room

I knew with a bottle of Mod Podge and a few scrapbooking supplies I could transform these old blocks into something wonderful.

One of my favorite craft supplies is Mod Podge.  
Everyone needs to have a bottle on hand at all times - it is a must!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to antique almost everything I make. So  I have a bottle of "antiqued"  Mod Podge in the cupboard as well.  

To make "antiqued" Mod Podge just add a couple of tablespoons of instant coffee to your bottle.  Let the coffee dissolve, adding more until the desired consistency has been achieved.  
The "antiqued" Mod Podge  will give your crafts a slightly aged look.

See what I did with a few of the blocks......

I simply printed quotes with my printer and Mod Podged them onto the blocks.  Tip: before using Mod Podge  I sprayed the words with a thin coat of clear acrylic sealer.  The printer ink will smear if you don't seal it first.

Embellishments can be added by wrapping wire, ribbon or jute around the block.
This gives a nice dimensional look to your block.

Here I mod podged the paper onto the block.  After it dried completely I sanded the edges and then stained it with a walnut stain.


Quick, easy and simple  
Makes a perfect little gift

Here are some ideas:
* a quote about sportsmanship for your child's coach
* a quote about teaching for a teacher's desk
* a quote about hope for a friend or family member with cancer
* a block with just a simple word or two can have an impact on someone 
* you can rip pictures and words out of the newspaper or a magazine
* use photos to make it even more personal
* set them on a bookshelf, windowsill or dresser

The possibilities are endless.....

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