Monday, January 16, 2017

Stuck for a Buck Fundraiser

This fundraiser is too good not to share!! 
We held this fundraiser at our high school to raise money for the after prom.

This is what you need:
  • 2 volunteers who are willing to be duct taped to the wall
  • Lots and lots of duct tape - we had everyone on the after prom committee donate a couple rolls & we had more that enough. Any brand any color. We did have extra duct tape but it was donated to the school and some used at after prom.
  • Large area on a concrete or brick wall - do not put duct tape on a wall that is drywalled
  • 2 crates the same size for the volunteers to stand on - strong enough to hold your volunteers up
  • Scissors
  • Cash box and change
  • Table and chairs
  • Adult volunteers to help facilitate the event

This is what you do:
  • Schedule the event on a day and time that works well for your school. We held the Stuck for a Buck Fundraiser during the high school lunch periods. We coincided the fundraiser with our annual Tech Fair. This worked perfect! When students were done eating lunch they were allowed to go into the gym for the Tech Fair and also participate in Stuck for a Buck fundraiser.
  • Find 2 adult volunteer to be stuck to the wall. We asked the principal and wrestling coach. Pick volunteers that the students will have fun taping to the wall and enjoy seeing compete to stay on the wall the longest. Make sure the volunteers wear long sleeves and long pants.
  • Advertise - We hung posters up around the high school and announced it during morning announcements. We also shared it on social media and reminded students to bring in a dollar or two to school on the given day.
  • Line up volunteers to take money and cut duct tape. 
  • Students could purchase a "yard" of duct tape for $1.00. We cut the tape and then they taped it across the person of choice.  We learned pretty quickly that we had to adjust the length of tape depending on the individual they wanted to put the tape on. It took a longer piece of tape to reach across the wrestling coach than it did the principal 😀
  • Have additional adults help place the duct tape over the volunteers and to make sure the tape is pressed onto the wall. Make sure the students are respectful and don't place tape on exposed skin or hair.
  • Continue to apply layers of tape as long students, teachers, and staff are willing to buy tape or as long as your time allows. We tried to make sure the tape was criss-crossing across their bodies and we randomly placed tape vertically over the tape ends for extra security. 
  • We stopped the taping a few minutes before the end of the lunch period, removed the crates from beneath their feet, then had a count down to see who stuck to the wall the longest.
  • The person to stay on the wall the longest wins!
  • We made close to $300 in an hour.

Here is a little video of the final moments before the wrestling coach touched the floor. The duct tape held them both to the wall really well. They basically slide down the wall behind the duct tape.

It was a team effort to remove the tape

We coincided our Stuck for a Buck Fundraiser with our annual Tech Fair.  There was great interaction with the students for both events.

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