Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GoldFish Races

GoLdFiSh RaCeS  - Fun, FUn, FUN!!! 
This is a great activity to do at a club meeting, birthday party, carnival or family reunion.
Not a lot of prep work or explaining to be done.

2 gutters
squirt bottles
bracket chart

Basically you need 2 gutters with end caps sealed so they will hold water.  The gutters we used were about 5 feet in length.  On the inside bottom mark the start and finish lines with permanent marker.
Go get the cheap, feeder goldfish from WalMart (about 28 cents each).  Have at least one for each participant.  I recommend buying extra, as we had some that didn't make it from WalMart to our meeting.  
Place the gutters on a table side by side and fill about 1/2 full with water.

Assign each participant a place on a bracket chart.
Have each person pick a goldfish from the tank.  They can hold their goldfish in a plastic cup until it is time for their race. Some may even want to write the name of their goldfish on the cup.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!!!  
Participants dump their goldfish into the gutter at the starting line.  With the squirt bottles they spray water just behind the goldfish.  The goldfish will start swimming toward the finish line.

If you are unable to get goldfish you can use ping pong balls, but it isn't quite as fun!

Lots of FUN for everyone!

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