Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vinyl Snowman Record

I came up with this cute idea for reusing vinyl records a few years ago.  I sold them many years at local craft show and they were a big hit.  So since we are in the midst of winter, I thought I'd share my design with you.  Maybe you can make a few snowmen to brighten up the humdrum of winter and if you are lucky it will begin to snow!
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Vinyl LP record
All purpose sealer (I used Delta Ceramacoat)
Acrylic paints – cream, black, burnt orange, very light pink
Paint brushes
12’x1’ plaid homespun or fabric of choice
Hot glue
Snowflake stamps
Walnut stain (I use Minwax walnut)
Drill and small drill bit (3/32 or 7/64 works fine)
Spray sealer – satin finish
8” of dark 19 gauge wire


1. Drill 2 small holes at the top on the record for the wire (about 2 inches apart)

2. Attach wire – run wire through drilled holes, forming a half moon, then twist wire to hold in place.  Wrap any excess wire around a pencil to curl and let it hang.

3. Seal the label on the record with paint brush and acrylic sealer. 

4. Draw the snowman body on the record (make sure the head is positioned on the record so the wire hanger is at the top center)

5. Paint snowman body using cream acrylic paint (you may need several coats)

6. When dry, paint the snowman face:
*cheeks (dip your fingertip in a little bit of light pink paint & rub it around where you want the cheeks to be.)
* mouth (use black paint and thin paint brush)
* nose  (paint nose before eyes so you know where to place the eyes, use burnt orange)
* eyes  (black, hint:  make sure they are close together, it looks better)
* buttons - black x’s or you can hot glue on real buttons

7. Stamp snowflakes around the top of the record using cream colored paint.  Let some overlap on the snowman or hang off the record.  Don’t overdo it. Less is more.

8. Once the record is completely dry, stain over the entire surface with the walnut stain using soft cloth (I use an old t-shirt).  Wipe off excess stain.

9. Spray entire record with a clear sealer (satin).

10.  Hot glue fabric on the record for the scarf. Cut the end of the fabric in half about 3 inches in and then tie a knot.  This will divide the scarf so when you glue it on that end will hang like two ends of a scarf.  Start hot gluing with the knot of the scarf at the one end of the snowman’s neck.  Continue to bunch up the scarf fabric as you hot glue until all the fabric is bunched around the neck or your snowman.

The PDF version of this pattern can be purchased on my Etsy store by following the link at the top of this page or you can also purchase already made snowman records in my Etsy store as well.

Note: © lpeterson 2012. All rights reserved. This pattern may not be copied, redistributed or resold in any way. You may use this pattern for personal use and for making gifts. You are also welcome to use it to make records for craft shows and bazaars, but please give "GrassyBranchFarm" credit when selling items made from this original pattern. Thank you. 

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