Tuesday, March 6, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf Class

So excited to tell you about a new adventure I am working on....
 My friend Janelle and I are going to be offering monthly "make it and take it" craft workshops.  

Our first workshop will be a Pinterest inspired T-Shirt Scarf  class.  This is a no-sew project and all supplies will be furnished.  For $20 you will take home 2 scarves and 2 flowers made totally by you from recycled  t-shirts.  The class will be held Tuesday evening, April 3rd, 7-9pm, at Sugar Creek Homesteads, 36 S. Main St. Jeffersonville, OH. If you are interested please email me at grassybranchprim@yahoo.com.  The class size is limited to 10 so don't delay.

Here are some of the scarves we'll be making. Thank you to my beautiful daughter Hannah for modeling the scarves.

Invite a friend or two and come enjoy a girls night out. There will be refreshments and plenty of fun for everyone.

If you are unable to attend this class check back in a couple weeks and see what's in store for May.

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  1. so the photos are simply incredible!!!! they do have a certain feeling to them!! i've been seeing these kind of stuff all over the blogger world but still can't really seem to like them ^^ and i can't wait to find what all those video shoots are and see the final results :)